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Article: A Flow State - Embodied Movement

A Flow State - Embodied Movement

Our bodies are the vessel through which we experience and navigate our lives. Through this vessel we are connected to self, to love and to the natural and spiritual worlds. Embodied movement and intuitive dance explores the connection between our body, our emotions, and our energy; movement can be used as a tool for healing, mindfulness, balance and self-acceptance. Lily Alcock, an intuitive and emerging dance artist, opens her heart, mind, body and spirit in ‘A Flow State’. This beautiful connection to self and nature was captured by the lovely Freya, from Hazily Films, and we are so honoured to share this magic with you all.

Self-love is connection. Connecting to nature, connecting to my body through movement, and connecting to the flow of life. Responding to the natural cues and energy from my environment Observing the beauty all around me, and reflecting what I experience back out into the environment through movement. Emulating nature, as much as I am a collective part of nature. Drawing invisible lines with my body; painting a web of branches expanding, streams of water conjoining, root systems grounding. Moving intuitively, consciously aware of my body in the present moment. A time of curiosity, freedom, intrigue, play and non-judgment. Feeling the inner rhythms and pulsations of nature. A practice of embodiment. Tending to self-love is a powerful catalyst for self-growth. A planting of seeds. An expansion. A flow state.



By a waterfall

Time stops, limitless

The grand flow of life passes by

An interconnected and interwoven vessel


A sacred spot for self-love

Surrendering to a oneness

Movement and nature being potent access points

Mirrors reflecting back to each other


Conversations painting pathways

Muscles emulating

A web of inner rhythms

Forever intersecting


Roots grounding into the earth

Streams of water conjoining

Movement pathways rich with expansive energy

The ebb and flow of life


Self-love is the seed

Growing internally

Guiding the evolution of branches and roots

Allowing for connection


By a waterfall

Moving intuitively, embodied

Feeling a sense of unity within the duality

In flow

“Bluem has deeply inspired me to continue exploring my ever-evolving relationship with self love and nature. From the intentional ritual on the back of the bottle, of lighting a candle, connecting to my breath and gently massaging my skin, I was reminded of the importance of connecting to my authentic self. Bluem has inspired me to further reflect on how I can show love to myself in every moment, and for me, that is through connection. Connection, to nature, connection to my body through dance movement, and thus connection to my authentic self.”


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